This Lombok earthquake caused severe damage in North Lombok and East Lombok, which had a damage impact of up to 90%. KUN Humanity System+ sent a disaster emergency response team at the foot of Mount Rinjani, precisely in genggelan village, Kec. Ganges. This location is used as an area where people are displaced in order to avoid the location of the beach, and to evacuate from the damage area. The total coverage of the population of 8000 was doubled as many of the villages next door were also displaced.
When the team went to the field, many victims suffered broken bones and injuries, so health and psychosocial posts became indispensable. None of the houses are habitable so residents make makeshift posts around the rice fields, fields and yard areas of the house.
In collaboration with AMP Faculty of Medicine Unpad (Medical-Based Nature Lovers Organization, Faculty of Medicine, University of Padjadjaran) and the Ministry of Health, we established a health post in Nanggelang village, conducted a walking clinic by walking around to other emergency posts , also referred some patients with severe cases (such as Mrs. pregnant women with fractures) to the nearest health center which is still operating.

For post-disaster recovery activities, the Kun Humanity System+ team holds regular meetings with PAUD representatives from 12 hamlets in Genggelang Village, Kec. Ganges-North Lombok. Dialogue about the current conditions and the psychological state of the students and their teachers. Not infrequently problems and needs to support the smooth running of teaching and learning activities are also discussed together.

In addition, the KUN Team also provided a brief explanation of common reactions and simple practices on how to deal with trauma by using movement and breathing techniques which can also be directly applied as part of the routine activities of children in PAUD. This activity is intended so that the disaster response team and the surrounding community can jointly help strengthen, so that teachers remain enthusiastic about nurturing their students in post-disaster situations.